• Setting Up Your Immigration Practice

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    Virtual Receptionist

    A virtual receptionist can be a great asset to your firm. Never miss a call and keep a steady workflow. For Spanish language needs, I recommend Comexions as they could also do some of your application preparation and follow-up work with clients. They specialize in taking immigration calls and are staffed by native Spanish speakers who are fully bi-lingual.

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    Legal Research

    You should be a member of AILA. One of the perks is AILALink available for a separate, but well-worth, fee. I found it to be the most economical and because it contains most of the AILA books (including Kurzban's) you have up to date access on a wide variety fo subjects.

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    Vonage / BetterVoice / Ring Central

    Phones are life to your firm.

    If you use Clio (and you should) their Vonage integration is SUPERB. You can automatically log calls and easily look up clients and add notes and time entries. Whatever service you choose, make sure it has FAX capability. A nice feature is recording all your calls. This is valuable for accountability and training purposes.

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    Get a great website in minutes.

    You need a great website. To do that at a great price and with the right features and flexibility, use Strikingly.

    It is easy enough to do yourself and has many advanced features as well.

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    Accept Credit Card Payments

    LawPay has EXCELLENT design and EXCELLENT user experience. With the right subscription level to Clio, it could be free as well. It is very easy for attorneys and staff to use and is the only one we recommend.

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    Get a great website in minutes.

    If you have staff, you need to track time. You want accountability, reporting and you can give your accountant access. This is the best value I have found and it is easy for the administrator to correct issues if the employee failed to clock-in or clock-out.

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    Accounting Software

    Work with your accountant.

    Everyone knows about QuickBooks, but there are more and more accounting programs showing up online like XERO (which also works well with Clio). Many of them have great features. Work with your accountant to choose a system that works well for you both.

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    Just find a great accountant.

    I'm not sure that there's an online source for this but ask around in your community for a firm with great communication, high level of technical expertise, reliability, and reputation.

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    It's a solid service for printing your postage, including certified mail. With it, you can avoid needing a postage meter.