Autofilling Immigration Forms that Sync with Clio.


    PrimaFacie is a standalone application that can sync with Clio to provide immigration law firms a complete case management solution.

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  • Many Useful Features


    Complete Library of UCSIS, EOIR, ICE and ETA forms

    With built in autofilling functionality, you will save time and increase accuracy.

    Intuitive design.

    Easy to learn and easy to use. You won't waste money and time on training your staff because it is so easy to use.


    USCIS Case Tracking

    Built into PrimaFacie so you can update your clients instantly.

    DOS Priority Date Tracking

    Know when your clients are ready to move forward with their visa petitions.

    Case Checklists

    Customizable checklists that you can use for internal monitoring and you can provide them to your clients as well.

    Case Flows

    Quickly check off which steps were recently completed and which ones are pending.

    Autofilling Forms

    Populate contact information once (or import from Clio) and use that data to autofill the necessary forms.

    I-94 Import Tool

    Quickly obtain and import I-94 information for your clients so you can ensure they were admitted properly and review their travel history.

  • See how it works!

    This is a detailed walk-through. Browse it briefly to see what it looks like, and then review it in its entirety to see how it works and how it can add value to your practice. Consider this your "homework."

  • PrimaFacie brings immigration forms to Clio and much more.

    When your current immigration forms system has left you dismayed.

    Designed by an immigration attorney, for immigration attorneys.

    The unique and simplified design of PrimaFacie will be familiar to users of apps like Facebook or Gmail. We designed PrimaFacie so that with minimal searching or clicking you can get to your client's information, create forms and track case status.

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  • Your Data

    Yes, we can save your data.

    INSZoom, LawLogix, E-Immigration and more.

    For an additional fee, depending on the complexity of the task at hand, we can import your data from legacy providers.

    The data you have accumulated over the years should not lock you into a dated system that no longer meets your needs. Our data migrations team can import your data and preserve your hard work from years past.