• Watch this brief video intro and scroll down to see more features.

    Autofilling Forms

    • Populate your database and use that data to populate all your forms.
    • Forms updated promptly.


    Intuitive Interface

    • Straightforward Contact-->Case--> Form Organization
    • Easy tabs to navigate your information.
    • Easily print addendum when information doesn't fit on the form.
    • Auto-Format the Criminal History table in the format required by EOIR.

    Client Portal

    • Clients can enter case information
    • Upload Documents to the checklist
    • Review Forms
    • Great for immigration 


    Support Site with Articles for do-it-yourself help.

    Live Chat Support Available Directly from the Application.

    Priority Date Tracking

    See which clients can process based on current Visa Bulletin Information


    Forms Collection

    • USCIS
    • EOIR
    • ICE
    • DOL
    • DOS

    Store USCIS Receipt Numbers and Update Status

    Standard Case Management Features

    • Task Management
    • Notes
    • Phone Call Records and Assignment
    • Client Profile Picture