• Features

    Check out all the things Prima.Law can do to speed up your case preparation times.


    Create Invoices and Send them to your clients for payment *LawPay release by 04/20/2021

    Create Payment Plans

    Immigration attorneys frequently accept work for which their client is permitted a payment plan of the retainer amount. Track your payments separately from invoices and instantly know who is behind on payments and what is still available in the trust account.

    Trust Accounting

    Stay complaint with ethical requirements and track how much you are actually earning on each one of your cases. Prima.Law offers the most cost-effective way to manage your trust accounting.

    Package Assembly

    Easily import the forms, exhibits, addendums and more and generate the final package ready for signatures. We include a table of contents with page numbers for your forms and exhibits.

    Clio Integration

    Take advantage of the largest cloud-based case management system which is a leader in legal technology by syncing data with Clio. Sign up for Clio Here

    Reverse Autofill

    Use the best form preparation interface in the business. With "Reverse Autofill" when you enter data into the form, it is saved in the contact database so each time you have a new form to fill, you have to enter less and less data.

    Time Tracking

    Track time and expenses inside your cases. Use these entries to quickly generate invoices.

    Autofilling Forms

    Forms are kept updated and ready to use. We publish the collection from USCIS, EOIR, DOL, ETA and more.

    Questionnaires to simplify data collection

    We now offer comprehensive immigration questionnaires to simplify the data collection from your clients. Quickly send a link to collect, and then review the data before importing it into your database.

    Many more immigration specific tools

    Visa Bulletin Date Tracking, USCIS Receipt number tracking, review expiration dates for your client's visas and documents and more!

    Zapier Integration

    Now you can sync your contacts and cases across 1000 other apps connected to Zapier. This includes Quickbooks, Slack, Gmail, Mailchimp, and more.

    PracticePanther Integration

    Import Data with our 1-way sync with PracticePanther so you can import your contact info and start building forms, and packages in PrimaFacie.