• Update Log

    PrimaFacie is supported, living, breathing software.

    09/13/2017: Added forced field confornity for certain "State" fields.

    09/13/2017: Tab indexes corrected on forms that had lacked it such as I-864, I-765, I-129F, and G-639.

    09/13/2017: Many enhancements to client portal, facilitating ease of data entry.

    09/13/2017: Revised "Related Contacts" screen, allowed one contact to be related to multiple other contacts.

    09/13/2017: Added ability to ignore middle name in search results.

    09/13/2017: Many additional enhancements and autofill capabilities improved since last posted updates.

    08/05/2017: Added DS-260 Model Questionnaire in "forms."

    08/05/2017: Update to Autofill feature allowing it to perform more quickly.

    08/05/2017: Other updates from last two weeks: Reverse autofill enabled. Various server upgrades to enhance performance.

    08/05/2017: Updated I-9 online

    08/01/2017: Updated I-730 online

    08/01/2017: Many updates to client portal. More scheduled for 08/07/17.

    07/26/2017: Updated the custom case creation screen to reorganize items whose number is re-prioritized.

    07/26/2017: Added ability to assign secondary attorney to a case.

    07/26/2017: Added ability to assign primary and secondary paralegals to a case.

    07/13/2017: Added ability to toggle on and off the various information tabs in the client portal.

    07/13/2017 Issue with code appearing in I-589 fixed.

    07/12/2017: Issue with deletion of contact in Clio and then "Whoops" Error in Prima when accessing fixed.

    07/12/2017: Issue with creation of new task in a case resolved.

    07/11/2017: New data input information tabs added to Client Portal

    07/10/2017: Various performance issues addressed

    07/08/2017: SSL Certificate added to Client Portal.

    06/29/2017: Issue with interpolated dates on ETA-9089 resolved

    06/20/2017: Client Portal in Beta released: demo purposes only.

    05/29/2017: Updated forms in case types and added additional warning when a form is no longer the latest version of the form available, although it may have not shown as expired as originally published.

    05/29/2017: Added forms I-612, I-829 and G-639

    05/23/2017: When creating a new case inside a contact profile, the ability to choose a different contact is eliminated.

    05/23/2017: Applied an edit so only attorney accounts appear in the attorney dropdown menu when creating a new case.

    05/23/2017: Added "Unlink" button to "Related Contacts" tab in the contact profile.

    05/23/2017: Various cosmetic fixes throughout the system. We fixed some wordiness on our user notificaitons and system warnings.

    05/17/2017: Added Additional details to family members list in family members tab to support printing the list as an addendum to a form.

    05/17/2017: Added additional details to list of crimes in criminal history tab to support printing of list that can be added as an addendum to EOIR-42a, EOIR42b or any other case.

    05/17/2017: Fixed autofill issue with children on I-130 and other forms that ask for list of children.

    ​05/16/2017: I-485 Attorney address block edited to populate two lines in signature field.

    05/16/2017: Added checkbox autofill for immigration status of sponsor on I-864

    05/12/2017: Added "roles" for children on I-589 to autofill with more detail.

    05/12/2017: Added parents and siblings to autofill for I-589

    05/12/2017: EOIR-42A cosmetic issue with extra boxes appearing on page 10 fixed

    05/12/2017: I-130 Autofill issue With role of spouse / beneficiary fixed.

    05/12/2017: Visa Bulletin Information Updated for June 2017

    05/06/2017: G-325, (a), (c) autofill updated

    05/06/2017: Added feature to automatically designate phone numbers as selected on "Add New Phone" screen.

    05/06/2017: Added feature to change font size on forms.

    05/06/2017: Autofill Awareness: Added green outlines to fields in forms that are affected when autofilling the form.

    05/06/2017: Autofill Awareness: Added warning screen when taking an action to autofill a form

    05/06/2017: Enhanced Autofill (Additional Data Points to Collect and Autofill) See Details Here: http://support.primafacie.us/article/summary-of-the-enhanced-autofill-update/

    05/02/2017: I-929 Update Complete

    04/30/2017: Added latest version of I-407 and I-881 complete with autofill

    04/19/2017: Updated May 2017 Bulletin

    04/17/2017: Added Forms: I-526, N-648, I-290B, I-129F

    04/01/2017: I-918, I-363, I-800, and I-800A

    03/10/2017: Added support for "Unlocked Draft" version of the forms

    03/05/2017: Added forms: I-130, I-130A, I-90, N-600, N-600k, I-693

    02/20/2017: Added support for "Company Contacts"

    ....Many previous updates as well.

  • Upcoming Features

    Here's a little bit of what we are working on to make PrimaFacie even better. These features are expected to release in the very short term. 1 month or less. Check Back to see them in the Update Log.

    Reminders (Tickler System)

    More capability to set reminders or "Ticklers" to remind you of upcoming deadlines.

    Tracking deadlines and reminding you and your staff is a valuable and important feature to keep your firm moving smoothly.


    Client Portal - Delivered

    Collaborate with clients to enter data into PrimaFacie and Upload Documents

    This is a revolutionary addition to PrimaFacie. With a June 21st release into Beta, you can begin to use our mobile friendly client portal.

    • give your clients access to a secure site, 
    • access case data, 
    • upload documents and attach them to their checklist items and
    • fill in case information.

    Be warned that when removed from BETA, we may adjust our pricing structure for new customers as it represents incredible value to the attorney and law firm.


    Expirations - Delivered

    So you can see when a document will expire or when you have an upcoming deadline.

    After the addition of "Enhanced Autofill" there will be many more dates inside of Prima, so it will be time for our reminder module.


    Reverse Autofill - Delivered

    More autofill capability inside PrimaFacie

    Soon (June 21st), you will be able to populate the PrimaFacie database with information you enter into any form. If it is a piece of information that PrimaFacie stores for autofill, you will be prompted to reverse fill that value, saving you time and keeping you in control of you data.


    Open API

    We are contemporaneously working on our API

    At PrimaFacie we believe that online software should work with the other online tools that you currently enjoy. As we finish and release our API, a number of tools open up for use with PrimaFacie (see www.zapier.com).

    Autofill-Awareness tool - DELIVERED

    To help with understanding of what fields autofill and which don't.

    When you autofill a form for the second time, PrimaFacie will autofill the relevant form fields with whatever is in the Prima Database. If there is a form field that you have filled in, but have not populated the PrimaFacie Database, it will overwrite that field with a blank entry. This upcoming feature shows you exactly which fields are autofilled on the form so you can avoid entering data, autofilling and then "losing" information.

    Additional Warning - DELIVERED

    Autofill Awareness

    This warning will appear when autofilling a subsequent time to remind the user that information will be replaced on the form. The data to be replaced is identified as per the Autofill Awareness tool


    More autofill capability inside PrimaFacie

    We are adding many more data points that you can use to autofill forms. This includes: Family Members, EADs, Passports, Travel History, US Entry History, Visa History, Marriage History, Advance Parole and I-94 History.